We’ve worked with Jonathan for over 10 years now and always enjoyed a frank and open relationship. Working together we constantly review new opportunities and techniques in an effort to develop and improve our means of customer communication. Jonathan has led from the front and helped us along our journey.
— Mike Thirkettle • Trading Director Hider Foods
I’ve known Jonathan for some 12 years now and have appreciated his relentless enthusiasm and dedication to get the job done. His thinking is innovative and persuasive. Throughout the years that we have worked together our meetings have been productive and we’ve made significant advances during that time. I can recommend him in any role that needs clarity of thinking and specific outcomes.
— David Kilburn
I have known and worked with Jonathan for over 10 years and value our working relationship. His enthusiasm and positive approach to finding new opportunities to developing our business has been invaluable. His ‘can-do’ and ‘will-do’ attitude and determination to getting the job done has proved advantageous and I trust on his continuing support.
— Dave Garness
Jonathan lives and breathes everything business. He has a real passion and strong commitment in supporting other like minded people drive their businesses forward. He’s been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and the experience he has gathered along the way is invaluable. I’ve personally worked with him on many projects over the past 9 years and from being 18 he has mentored me through my successful career to date. We worked with local start up businesses at Entrepreneurial Spark in Leeds and this is where we had the best opportunities to see growth in new brands. He’s a great person to have on your team as the glass is always half full with Jonathan around.
— Jade Woodfield • Creative Director, StrawberryToo
I have known Jonathan for several years. As a former pupil, he has been an outstanding supporter of Hymers College. More recently, we have, as a school, used his company, Strawberry, to assist us with our marketing. It soon became clear to me that Jonathan is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled marketer who has enabled us to look at ourselves in a totally different way. Through his guidance and connections, we were provided with a formal review process which was very enlightening and which has allowed us to develop an entirely new approach to the marketing of the school. Jonathan has worked closely with us to help with interpretation of the information we gathered and putting together an innovative marketing strategy, with which we are delighted. In particular, he encouraged and led us in developing greater use of social media and more professional written materials.

In my opinion Jonathan has been an extremely valuable asset to the school and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other organisations.
— David Elstone • Headmaster, Hymers College
It has been a privilege to work with Jonathan over the past 8 years. Always willing to give his time and knowledge to help inspire and encourage entrepreneurs make their projects a success. I look forward to future associations and building on the continued success of our programme.
— Melinda O'Reilly
During the time we’ve worked with Jonathan there have been many changes in how we market ourselves, particularly within the digital marketing area. Jonathan has always been there to help us with this and has suggested many options that have kept us consistently ahead of our competitors.
— Richard Beal
I have known and worked with Jonathan for over 6 years. During this time I have been impressed by his overwhelming enthusiasm and inventive approach to turning problems into solutions. Innovative and focused, Jonathan’s understanding of the market place has had a significant impact on our projects through creativity and attention to detail.
— Dominic Gibbons
I’ve known Jonathan for over 10 years and he has enthusiastically supported all the organisations I’ve been involved with. Both of a financial level and as a mentor, firstly with Young Enterprise and latterly with For Entrepreneurs Only. I appreciate his integrity and unconditional support and look forward to continuing to work with him on future projects.
— Jan Brumby • For Entrepreneurs Only
It’s been well over 10 years since we started working with Jonathan and in that time the business has developed significantly and he’s been there to help us along the way. Always reliable and always positive.
— David Bennett-Baggs • Weldtite


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