The good go far

The following blog is made up of the best bits of editorial, articles and blogs that I’ve come across in my 38 years of working life, 30 of which I spent as my own boss at a very successful Creative Agency.

I thank all those that have inspired me to make (and write!) my own observations on these subjects. I now want to switch my focus to helping the next generation find the success that I did, and hopefully avoid a few of the pitfalls I didn’t!

Going through life with a good attitude will make you much more successful. It’s as simple as that - and you’ll enjoy the journey more too!

People with the right attitude are open-minded and learn more easily. The right attitude will allow you to, metaphorically, climb walls, jump over hurdles, navigate through storms and ultimately get to your destination without too much fuss.

Here are a few tips - and things to remember - when it comes to developing your new, enhanced attitude:

How to learn better:

•  Read more.
•  Write more.
•  Memorizing is not learning.
•  Doing is learning.
•  Ask better questions.
•  Practice public speaking.
•  Effort matters.

Learning is very important to developing a good attitude. It allows you to see the world from somebody else’s perspective and to respect that others may have a different view. Reading blogs or books on the subjects of psychology, business, marketing or sales will enrich your mind - see what you can get your hands on!

When studying formal subjects, don’t memorise them as though you were studying for an exam. Immerse yourself in the topic. Live it.

Ask the questions that aren’t obvious - and the ones you don’t know the answer to. Others will be delighted that you’re interested and will revel in helping you.

Practising public speaking is a great way to organise your thoughts. Imagine that you have the stage whilst everyone else is sat listening to you - now is not the time for waffling or winging it.

A well-prepared and succinct presentation delivered with enthusiasm and a smile will always win the day.
Always remember that no one got lucky without putting effort in. The more effort you put in, the luckier you’ll be.

How to network better:

•  Find a mentor.
•  Networking is about giving.
•  Collaborate more.

Networking is what makes us who we are, whether you’re developing friendships or business connections. It’s an interchange of knowledge, experience and expertise given freely and unconditionally. It promotes collaboration and puts you in a position where you’ll constantly be learning and developing.
It helps make the biggest difference of all to your attitude - believing in yourself.

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same.
— If, Rudyard Kipling

Developing a good attitude is something you need to work at. It comes from a combination of being an optimist and a pragmatist at the same time. It’s about taking joy in the smallest and largest of things. As Kipling wrote, it’s about treating triumph and disaster as if they were equals. It’s about being resilient under pressure - and getting back on the horse after you’ve been thrown off.

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